Special load handling devices

We can rely on many years of experience in the field of special load handling devices production. With this knowledge, we are at your disposal to deal with even more difficult wishes. Our range of services includes consulting, static design, construction and production including documentation.

Examples for manufacturing of special load handling devices:

Track plates for WK-Transport

sonderlastaufnahmemittel gleisplatten fuer wk transport


Lifting device for runners

sonderlastaufnahmemittel hebevorrichtung 01

sonderlastaufnahmemittel hebevorrichtung 02








Coil mounting traverse in aluminium construction

sonderlastaufnahmemittel spulenmontagetraverse 01

sonderlastaufnahmemittel spulenmontagetraverse 02








Lifting raverse for car bodies

sonderlastaufnahmemittel hebetraverse


Turbine transport device

sonderlastaufnahmemittel turbinentransportvorrichtung


Universal rotor transport device

sonderlastaufnahmemittel universal laeufertransportvorrichtung 01

sonderlastaufnahmemittel universal laeufertransportvorrichtung 02